Compassion capsules



Sonoma County lost over 5,100 homes in the October wildfires. This great destruction has been met by an unprecedented desire to help. The fires left a complete and toxic destruction of thousands of homes. As a result, there has been very little immediate opportunity for people who want to volunteer to help those most impacted by the fires.

However, there will be a tremendous need for volunteer help when the opportunity comes to build homes for some of the most vulnerable fire victims. 

Compassion Capsules provide those who want to help show the love of God to those who lost their homes in the fire. A Compassion Capsule is a physical capsule filled with actual items that are practically and meaningfully used as part of the rebuilding process. The capsule symbolizes the commitment between a congregation (group) and the property owner that, through volunteer labor, a new home will be built for.

Sonoma County Churches United Relief is excited to partner with Hope City to express the love of Christ to those who lost their homes in the fire and can't afford to rebuild through traditional means. Hope City has decades of experience in leading volunteer home building projects. They provide the leadership, oversight, materials, tools, and guide the overall process to make sure that every volunteer is equipped to make the greatest impact with their time and effort regardless of their skill set. This relational, volunteer based home building process represents one of the most impacting ways that those moved with compassion to help meet the needs of those impacted by this disaster in the timing that makes those efforts most effective. Take the compassion you have for those impacted by these fires and make a commitment to act upon it when the time is right.